With the influx of BlackBerry Curve 8900 news lately as a result of T-Mobile’s official announcement that the highly anticipated handset would be available next month, many AT&T customers found themselves wondering why AT&T has been so quiet to date. Comments and emails have flooded BGR and plenty of other sites as well, wondering if AT&T would be passing on the Curve 8900 due to lack of 3G or as a result of botched negotiations, T-Mobile exclusivity, etc. As such, it will surely come as welcome news to AT&T-contracted BlackBerry fans that the Curve 8900 is indeed still on its way to the nations largest carrier second-largest carrier. RIM hit CES this week with a booth full of ‘Berrys and among them, a sleek new Curve 8900 all dressed up in AT&T branding. In short, nothing has changed and the Curve 8900 is still on its way to Big Blue. AT&T would hardly pass on the update to one of its best-selling handsets of course, despite the glaring lack of WCDMA. But then, that’s where the Bold comes in. While it still looks like T-Mobile will be the first to bring the Curve 8900 to market in the US, expect news on the AT&T release soon.

Thanks, Laurie!