So much for I’m sorry. It looks like XSKN is making no apologies for putting up iPhone nano case entries on its site as we discovered recently. Instead, the rogue retailer is now offering cases for sale. XSKN’s site is now littered with images of its iPhone nano case in a variety of color combinations and each is available for sale. Yup, $25 – $27 plus shipping will land you one of these cute new cases for a handset that many speculate will never exist. Sure, this is hardly solid evidence that we’re going to see the iPhone nano emerge any time soon and it is entirely possible that XSKN is allergic to repeat business and is just hoping to scam a handful of users out of a few pennies. On the flip side of the coin however, we might just be looking at a pretty good representation of a new Apple handset coming in the not-so-distant future. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the question isn’t if Apple will hit the $100 price mark with a future handset, the question is when.

Thanks, Jon!