Yesterday we told you that the Dev-Team was preparing to demo its iPhone 3G unlock concoction via Qik. If you happened to be frantically running around trying to take care of last minute holiday madness as we were, you might have missed the show. We didn’t get around to watching the demo until this morning in fact, but we’re glad we did as MuscleNerd’s demo was great. The Dev-Team’s yellowsn0w solution is fantastically quick and painless, despite the fact that the Team hadn’t even had a chance to prepare a GUI yet. So people, if you have a case of iPhone 3G envy but don’t feel like signing a new carrier contract then get your eBay gloves and a pot of coffee ready – yellowsn0w is a go and it’ll be in your hands, courtesy of the Dev-Team, on New Year’s Eve. Great work fellas!