We can’t hate it when we find out that something interesting is going to be unveiled at CES 2009 since all signs are pointing to the fact that it doesn’t look like it will be commonplace this time around. That won’t stop Sharp from showing up with a sweet arsenal, though it’s hard to call two new sets an arsenal. According to a Sharp executive, Sharp will be debuting two new Aquos HDTVs at CES that come packing integrated Blu-ray / DVD / CD players. There will be a 32″ model and a 42″ model unveiled and both will become available for sale shortly after the show. As far as pricing, Sharp will wait for the show to make anything official, though rumor has it the 42″ model will come in somewhere around $2,000 and will also feature 1080p HD resolution and a 120Hz frame-rate processing. We definitely can’t wait to check out these new Aquos sets along with what will hopefully be a few surprises from Sharp at CES next month.