Whatever the case with the BlackBerry Storm OS / Sticker debacle from Verizon, it looks like everything is going to be ironed out a bit ahead of schedule. Verizon’s website now shows an online order shipment date by December 8th, bumped up slightly from the previous date of December 15th. The listing on the site still shows the Storm as having limited availability, though it’s hard to say if we’re talking real limited availability or marketing limited availability. Limited availability of your most highly-anticipated handset release of the year, right before the holidays? Either way, if you’re in the market for a Storm but the idea of it not shipping until the 15th gave you pause, knowing that it will ship out a week earlier might give you the push you need. As an aside, Storm owners who don’t already know should keep their eyes on this site for OS downloads. The current OS version is available now and perhaps we’ll get lucky and find an update there within the next few weeks.

Thanks, Ryan and Booyah!