Have you been pining after one of Microsoft’s slick multi-touch behemoths but don’t happen to have the bankroll or connections of, say, Harrah’s Casino? Today might be your lucky day. Microsoft has announced the limited initial availability of an SDK for the Surface computing environment. Scheduled to be released at the Microsoft Professional Developers conference today. More than 1,000 developers in attendence will receive exclusive rights to access the Surface SDK. Additionally, anyone with access to the SDK will be given the opportunity to purchase a developers unit for the bargain basement price of $13,500. The SDK itself will allow developers to:

build applications that take advantage of the unique attributes of Microsoft Surface: direct interaction (no mouse or keyboard), multi-touch (up to dozens of items at once), multi-user (collaborative) and object recognition (physical objects placed on Surface trigger different types of digital responses)

That’s one hell of a sticker price, but given the exclusive nature and advanced capabilities of the Surface itself, we’re confident that more than a few folks will see fit to pony up the cash. Anyone feel like sending a unit our way? K, thanks!