Well, 5800 XpressMusic, it was surely fun while it lasted. You excited hoards of fanboys, you were the catalyst of 3 million blog posts containing the hated phrase “iPhone Killer” in the title and you will always be remembered as Nokia’s virgin effort in terms of touchscreen S60 handsets. We just didn’t think we would be forgetting you so soon. Sure, you’re pretty modest when it comes to specs. But you’re a touchscreen S60 device from Nokia! Unfortunately dear 5800, that’s just not enough. You see, rumor has it that the first touchscreen Nseries device might just be coming sooner than we all expected. Sure, Nokia made it well known that it would be releasing a wide variety of touchscreen phones and everyone knew to expect a few Nseries gems. No one expected the first to be announced this year though. We thought we would have plenty of time to play with you and feign attraction while secretly we would just be waiting for the next best thing to come along. Instead, reports from a Nokia event in New Delhi allege that the first S60 5th Edition-powered Nseries may be announced this year with availability coming in early 2009. Sorry 5800, but if this rumor gets some firm confirmation you can expect a resounding pass as we sit back and wait for the younger, sexier S60 5th Edition handset just over the horizon. We better not see you turning tricks in Vegas, 5800. Just hang your head and bow out gracefully.