The i-mate Hummer, huh? We’re not positive if that’s an internal name or not, but we’re assuming it is. If you’re still an i-mate fan at this point in time, bless your heart. In any case, we’ve got the drop on this new i-mate handset, and it does look like it’s bringing some respectable specs to the table this time around. For starters, it’s ruggedized device that’s water resistant, and it’s got a metal-alloy-screwed case. See the “screws”? It’s a Windows Mobile Standard device, and we’re pretty sure it will ship with Windows Mobile 6.1. In terms of other specs on the handset, there’s UMTS/HSDPA, Wi-Fi, a 2 megapixel camera, and a 2.5″ screen. No carrier information or release timetable at the moment, but the one positive thing we have to say about this handset is the one-handed form factor. HTC needs to step it up and get things moving in that department. The Palm Pro is nice and all, but there’s nothing like a little HTC Thinnovation, you feel us?

Thanks, Daddy G.!