If you’ll recall from our recent review of HTC’s new Touch Diamond handset, we were initially a bit underwhelmed by the performance of the company’s new Touch FLO 3D touch screen interface. The unit that HTC sent us was remarkably sluggish, responding rather tepidly to our best efforts and wrangling it into submission. Turns out we weren’t alone in our observations, and it seems there was some basis to our claim. According to HTC, the test units were sent out with a pre-release version of the ROM that had been let loose without some much-needed final adjustments. Acknowledging their error, HTC recently distributed the official ROM to us. We’re happy to report that the new firmware breathes life into the handset’s interface. Sure, it’s not the most responsive phone we’ve ever used, but everything seems to move much more quickly, making the Touch Diamond a wholly usable handset, which isn’t something we would have said about the first version of the ROM. Furthermore, HTC plans to have yet another ROM revision out by the end of this month, so anyone that might have been turned off by our initial impressions should certainly consider giving this one another look.