Trying to understand what AT&T’s plans are with regards to free WiFi for the iPhone is like trying to understand a Galvatron comment. Be sure you have a healthy dose of Tylenol on deck and expect to walk away perplexed. First it went live, then it was dropped – then it went up again, then back down – then a May 15 launch was scheduled, then it was missed. The following internal memo was circulated yesterday at AT&T:

The iPhone Wi-Fi offer that was scheduled to launch today has been canceled. Nothing has been announced by the company to our customers and will not impact existing customers. Additional communication will be provided if the status the project changes.

So at some point, AT&T will be offering free WiFi for iPhone users and inadvertently to anyone with a laptop and enough savvy to search Google and spoof their system with Safari and an active iPhone number. Then again, perhaps the latter half of that statement is the cause of the repeated delays.