We’re suckers for a good giveaway around here, and BGR confidant Just Blaze is bringing some serious damage with this one. Everyone’s favorite Super Producer is giving away his very own PS3, along with a couple of other goodies. In addition to the PS3, one lucky winner will walk away with a copy of Transformers: The Game as well as a limited edition JB endorsed LRG T-Shirt. All you have to do is hit the jump and leave a comment telling him why you deserve to win. Simple? We thought so. Best act quickly though, as there’s no telling when this one will close for good. As an added bonus, the winner will be cast as Starscream in Just’s upcoming live-action Transformers-The Movie sequel.

UPDATE: Thanks for the comments, everyone, but in order to officially enter you have to head on over to themegatrondon2.com and leave a comment there. Comments left on BGR will not enter you into the giveaway. Hit the Read link for the full rundown.