It might not be the prettiest portable media player on the market, but at the very least the Eco Media Player is a conversation starter. What kind of conversations will it start? Well, that remains to be seen. This unique PMP designed by British inventor Trevor Baylis might be a little bulky around the waste, but it has all of the basic functionality that we’ve grown to expect and a couple of extras. What’s more, it uses 100% human kinetic energy for power. Using a crank that folds out from the rear of the device, users wind it up to create the energy that powers the device. One minute of cranking will generate enough energy to run the player for approximately 40 minutes! Sure, you might catch a couple of stares while sitting on the bus winding up your PMP, but you can sleep easy knowing that you’re doing it for the environment. In terms of functionality the Eco Media Player lets you play music and videos, view photos, record voice memos, tune in to FM radio and it even sports an LED torch. Available now with 2 GB of storage, the Eco Media Player will run you about $300 give or take.