Our buddies over at MyFrame have been busy little beavers lately and this morning we finally found out what they’ve been up to. For those who aren’t familiar with MyFrame’s Flixwagon service, it is mobile streaming application that allows S60 handsets to stream video in real-time to the Flixwagon site. Viewers can comment during a broadcast and each comment will be displayed on the broadcaster’s screen. Once posted, videos can then be embedded to any site with a simple copy / paste of some code. You remember, the app MTV used for live Super Tuesday coverage. So what has MyFrame been up to these days? First and foremost, FliXee. FliXee is a customizable widget that can be embedded on just about any blog or website as well as many social networks and the like. Once embedded, users have the ability to broadcast directly from their mobile to the widget. That’s right, real-time high-quality video streaming right to your site of choice. What’s more, Flixwagon now allows users to automatically upload videos to a YouTube channel as well! MyFrame continues to expand its Flixwagon service at an alarming rate and if you have an S60 handset, there’s really no excuse for not having checked the service out.