It might stand to reason that Apple would disallow certain types of music apps to be distributed via the App Store come June, but has the iPhone maker banned all music-related apps? iTunes rivals such as Napster, Amazon and Rhapsody could logically be banned as they are direct competitors. We’re not saying that we would agree with the decision, if that is in fact the case, but you can at least rationalize the thinking. According to an article on the Inquirer yesterday however, Dr. J is said to be disallowing any and all music-related apps. Huh? The assertion was made due to the fact that third-party applications have not been given access to any iTunes functionality or components in the SDK. The article goes on to hypothesize that streaming services such as and iLike might be banned as well do to the lack of iTunes integration. We’re not sure what one has to do with the other, but we’re calling shenanigans. Certain music services may indeed be disallowed but we have a good feeling wink, wink that there are a few music apps currently being developed by third parties that will most definitely be making their way onto the iPhone legitimately. Only time will tell, but don’t get your panties in a bunch over a ban on music apps just yet.