Our buddies over at Colorware have just added the DS Lite to their portfolio of customization service options and our order is already in. For those somehow not already familiar with Colorware, it provides custom electronics coloring services making use of a proprietary hybrid coating process. The finished result is durable, unique and just plain hot. Using Colorware’s online design studio interface, you can create a custom one-of-a-kind DS Lite that is just right for you. Choose a main color, frame color and bottom color from their extensive palette and then choose a la carte options such as button pad, front port and even stylus color customization if you desire. Not the creative type? Hit the “Brainstorm” button at the bottom of the design studio window a few times to cycle through some suggestions and get your creative juices flowing. As with all devices that Colorware customizes, you have the option to send your existing DS Lite (as long as you’re in the US) or just choose the option to buy a new one when you’re done with your design.