Ok, so Pauly has to split his loot with a bunch of people but he must be used to the feeling by now, thanks to Ms. Heather Mills. United Press International is reporting that an agreement has finally been reached that will allow the Beatles catalog to be distributed on iTunes, the second largest music retailer in the US. Some might say that $400 million is a lot of scratch for one catalog but come on, this is the Beatles we’re talking about here. Apple apparently has some sky-high hopes for the catalog and we would be surprised if they are disappointed. So how much does McCartney stand to take home? This pie is getting cut into plenty of slices; those who stand to take a cut include Ringo Starr, the families of late Beatles George Harrison and John Lennon, Michael Jackson, EMI and Sony. Oh and let us not forget McCartney’s soon-to-be ex wife. Come on Pauly! As long as this deal has been in the works, you couldn’t wait until after the divorce is finalized to tie it up?

[Via Giz]