Microsoft Research, a division of the infamous Washingtonian software giant, has just unveiled a prototype of a brand new Operating System built from the ground up. Don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet though; this new OS has nothing to do with Windows, Microsoft’s core commercial OS line. Singularity, as it has been dubbed, is an OS aimed at academics and researchers and is intended to be geared towards computer architecture development. Rick Rashid, General Director of Microsoft Research, is of the opinion that current OS environments make it difficult for developers to experiment with computer architectures. Singularity is intended to provide developers with a reliable environment that will result in the creation of more dependable systems and applications. What’s more, both the Singularity OS itself and the source code are available for free. The OS has been in development for about a year now and since being announced at Microsoft’s TechFest showcase on Tuesday, it has received a fair amount of praise from those who have begun to play with it. The current (early) build of Singularity is available for download from Microsoft’s CodePlex website, where plenty more info surrounding the project can be found.

[Via PC World]