T-Mobile USA today announced its results for Q4 / full year 2007 and as we could have told you, it’s been a good year for the nation’s second largest GSM carrier. Nearly all key figures in Q4 were up nicely from Q3 and growth above fourth quarter 2006 is pretty substantial.

Q4 2007 highlights:

  • 951,000 new customers added
  • myFaves subscribers up by 1.5 million above Q3 2007
  • Revenues totaled $5.07 billion, up from $4.89 billion in Q3 2007
  • Net income dropped to $383 million, down from $526 million in Q3 2007 but up from $176 million in Q4 2006
  • Customer contract churn dropped to 1.8%, down 2% compared to Q3 2007
  • 900 new cell sites were added, bringing total US cell sites to 37,900

A good year indeed. Net income dropped off a bit from Q3 but $383 million is well over twice the carrier’s reported net earnings in Q4 of 2006. Almost a million new subscribers in Q4 brings T-Mobile’s total for 2007 to a respectable 3.6 million. The carrier also announced its acquisition of SunCom Wireless, finalized last week, which was no small deal of course. Growth is steady for T-Mobile, myFaves continues to draw interest, and margins are a healthy 30%. Go T-Mo go!