In a recent interview, Google’s top three execs told Fortune magazine that they have made a pact to work together for 20 years. Founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, together with CEO Eric Schmidt mentioned the pledge in passing during an interview surrounding the recent naming of Google as the nation’s "best company to work for" for the second year in a row. Their informal agreement took place in July of 2004, about a month before Google’s IPO. Of course at that point it was no mystery that Google was destined for financial greatness, and there was likely as much adrenaline flowing in that room as on an Everest expedition. With a collective net worth now in excess of $40 billion, the trio certainly seems to work well together and there are mountains of money to be made in 20 years. If they maintain their gentleman’s agreement, Brin and Page will be 50 and 51 respectively, and Schmidt will be 69 years old once 20 years elapses in July of 2024. Plenty can happen in 20 years however, especially when it comes to big business and bigger money. Our bet is on the under; three is always a crowd.

[Via Reuters]