T-Mobile certainly isn’t the biggest or most successful American carrier, not by a long shot. They have managed, however, to successfully carve out a niche based on exemplary customer service and relatively affordable plans. Judging from their recently released ’07 numbers, they’re certainly doing something right. The company just announced that at the end of 2007, they celebrated 28.7 million American customers. That figure includes 951,000 new customers gained in the 4th quarter alone, relative to 901,000 from the same period of time one year before. They added a total of 3.6 million bill-paying customers over the entirety of 2007, compared to 3.4 million during ’06. It’s a relatively marginal increase, but let’s not forget what happened to Sprint last year, okay? All told, we think T-Mobile should be proud of themselves….and all this without a 3G network? Wow, what scammers.