Microsoft’s monumental OS bungle better known as Windows Vista may be well on it’s way to the chopping block a lot sooner than the software giant would have liked. According to reports, Windows 7 (previously codenamed Blackcomb Vienna) might being making an appearance as early as the second half of 2009. That may sound a bit scary, especially considering how long Microsoft spent in the lab concocting the putrid brew that is Vista. Perhaps Gates’ blunder lit a fire under them and the realization that Vista needs to be forgotten ASAP is just the accelerant that the MS code monkeys needed. In fact, it is even rumored that an extremely early "Milestone 1" (M1) version of Windows 7 has already shipped to key Microsoft partners. An M2 version is reportedly slated for April or May of 2008 and M3 will quickly follow in Q3. Additional roadmap details are unknown at this time. Of course none of this has been confirmed but if we were in Gates’ Bruno Maglis, we wouldn’t be able to can Vista fast enough.