We’re not saying that this possibly-sketchy Chinese online retailer is trying to swindle you, but you can be sure that we won’t be ordered any of these ourselves. One-stop-china.com is claiming their X-Sim II hardware solution will spoof newer iPhones shipped with the new bootloader and 1.1.2 preinstalled. X-Sim II won’t unlock your phone, but according to the site it will cause the iPhone to bypass the SIM-check stage of the booting process and allow it to work on any network. Re-he-heally? The process as described is simple enough: Jailbreak your iPhone, pop your SIM into the X-Sim II adapter, pop the combo into the iPhone’s SIM tray and slide it on in. One-stop-china.com also claims that the device will work with AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodaphone, ORANGE, Mobile , o2, Tesco, CosmOTE, Tim and Virgin. Rock on. If you do have the marbles to even consider ordering one, take particular note of the warning at the bottom of their page. "We can’t guarantee that X-SIM, and we can’t offer any refund about it". Translation: "If this thing turns out to be nothing more than a useless plastic chip, enjoy your $45 guitar pick because we don’t want to hear about it". On the other hand, we could be way off and this thing might work perfectly. For $45 it might be worth checking out, but don’t come crying to us when your identity is stolen and you have to turn tricks to make ends meet…