We’re a bit skeptical, but Nathan Weinberg of the InsideMicrosoft blog claims to have received a copy of an internal document from a source inside Microsoft. Said 100-page document reportedly details Microsoft’s plans for developing the Windows Mobile 7 platform and contains a host of mock ups. Of course it makes sense that Microsoft will be focusing on enhancing touch functionality along with every other mobile OS developer, but the addition of motion and finger / stylus gestures may help separate WM7 from the pack. Basic gesture control already exists in various handsets of course, but we have yet to see it implemented on a wide scale across an entire OS. This however, poses the question: do you really want to control your mobile phone with gestures? Certain gesture controls are interesting and potentially useful such as the "shake to wake" gesture pictured in the mock up above. Other gestures referenced in the article could be potentially bothersome, such as shaking the device to move to the next picture in a slide show or to skip to the next track in a playlist. According to Weinberg, the documents states that Windows Mobile 7 will start shipping in 2009. That gives you plenty of time to do some research and start investing in a few companies that mass-produce wrist straps for mobile phones.

[Via IntoMobile]