We had the opportunity to spend a bit of quality time with LG’s new Viewty handset today at CES. After a bit of menu and feature exploration, we can say that this is a pretty nice high-end feature phone. The Viewty’s biggest claim to fame is it’s optical lense and imaging features, which allow for 5 megapixel shots, 120 frames-per-second video capture, auto and manual focus, an 800 ISO mode, and onboard image stabilization. We don’t have any hard data to prove this, but image quality felt on-par (or perhaps even a bit better than) the camera on the Nokia N95. The menu system is classic LG: simple and straightforward. Haptics feedback provides ample tactile response from the touchscreen, and everything felt nice and quick. Overall, it gets our stamp of approval. Hit the gallery, guys!

Click on over to our LG Viewty hands on gallery!