It’s official — the highly anticipated S60 application rotateMe 2.0 has finally been released by Samir Oueldi, the app’s creator. Beta 5 of rotateMe 2.0 can now be downloaded for free from Samir’s site along with a few other apps that are generating a huge amount of buzz. It makes use of the N95’s accelerometer to rotate the screen as you tilt the device on its side. The app is freeware but there’s a catch; it has yet to pass through the Symbian Signing process so you’ll have to sign it with your own developer certificate obtained through the Symbian Signed website. There are plenty of guides on the Internet to help walk you through the signing process, but if you have trouble finding a good one just post a comment and we’ll link you. Alternatively, you can make use of the new Windows utility SignMe! once you get your cert from Symbian Signed. It makes the whole process far less painful.