Vivendi, one of the video game world’s biggest contenders, has just announced that they will be acquiring a controlling stake in Activision, another major player on the gaming scene. This merger, assuming it goes through without a hitch, will create a video game conglomerate strong enough to contend with Electronic Arts as the king of the independent game publishing world. Activision is a powerhouse in the console arena, publishing games such as the Call of Duty series, Tony Hawk series, and (lamentably) the Guitar Hero franchise. Their experience should complement Vivendi’s PC gaming success with titles including the massively popular World of Warcraft empire. The new company will be known collectively as Activision Blizzard. How much does a controlling share of Activision run these days? Vivendi is purchasing 52% of the company’s stock, valuing each share at $27.50, with a total investment of $1.7 billion.