This thing has to have one of the most nebulous product names we’ve ever seen. The "Wizpy Linux Device" sounds like it could be just about anything…phone, cheeseburger, laptop, whatever…thankfully for us, it happens to be a brand new Linux-based smartphone. The handset is quite well endowed, sporting a 1.71 inch external OLED screen, FM radio, image viewer, DivX player, mobile Office suite, Web 2.0-ready browser, and VoIP capabilities that hit at internal Wi-Fi. It also comes standard with 4GB of on board flash memory. Not too shabby. There’s no word on which flavor of Linux this thing is running on, but it certainly looks like a pretty capable bit of engineering…now if only we could get our hands on some live shots to verify that it actually exists.

UPDATE: This does not, as we originally thought, function as a mobile phone. It’s portable Linux media device that very closely resembles a handset.