Product delays are par for the course these days, with gadget release dates becoming about as trustworthy as Britney’s next record. That said, we’re still a bit miffed that Microsoft has decided to delay the release of their much anticipated Surface computer / table. The company has announced that they will not be shipping the first units to Las Vegas casinos by next January’s CES convention, electing instead to hold off until March or April of 2008. The delay is apparently due to Microsoft’s desire to effectively customise the computers for each specific customer. So far T-Mobile, Harrah’s Casinos, and Sheraton Hotels have signed on to purchase these babies in bulk, so we’re guessing that Microsoft is doing their best to make each product unique and,fully functional for its intended purpose. Customization is good, and if the delay means that we see a more complete product hit the market, then we’re all for it. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take them too long ‘cuz we still need a couple of these babies in our house!