It’s safe to say that this is not Vonage’s year. First, the company gets bopped with lawsuits from Sprint and Verizon. Sounds bad, right? Yeah. Could it get any worse? Yeah. AT&T has just announced that they will be bringing suit against the beleaguered VoIP company. Claiming that Vonage has violated a single patent relating to internet telephony access, the company said that the recent lawsuits by Verizon and Sprint forced their hand. AT&T has apparently been attempting to reach an out of court settlement for the last two years, but has been unable to come to any sort of mutual agreement. Vonage, for their part, has expressed a desire to remain at the bargaining table. Of course they would…it’s unclear exactly how much AT&T is asking for, but we’re guessing it will be on par with the recent demands from Verizon and Sprint. Sorry, Vonage. We used to love you, too.