Have you ever wondered if the average flight attendant knows what your cellphone’s "Airplane Mode" really is? Wonder no longer. ATA Airlines made a bit of a snafu recently when a flight attendant asked a passenger to turn his iPhone off mid-flight. The passenger replied by attempting to explain that his iPhone was in airplane mode, and thus all wireless radios had been disabled. The flight attendant would have none of this, however, and continued to insist that the man shut his device off. Things got a bit heated, and the police were called to meet the plane at the gate. After determining that the man was correct (as well as determining that the flight attendant was insane….she stated that the plane "wasn’t shielded for any type of electronic device) the 5-0 let the passenger go. Let this be a warning to you all: common sense is not a pre-requisiste for getting your flight attendant wings, so exercise caution when pulling those gadgets out in the friendly skies.