Radio is dead, right? Not according to a little company called Phoenix. These guys brought their A game to the Digital Life convention today, showcasing a line of Wi-Fi radios and wireless speakers that look and sound good enough to compete with the big boys….almost. The Com one Wi-Fi radio sports an integrated W-LAN chip that automatically detects and connects to existing wireless access points. Once connected, it allows you to search for and listen to any number of currently available Internet radio stations. The on board LCD displays relevant track information, and there are 8 programmable favorites buttons that allow you to key in your 8 favorite stations. Very convenient. It’s a solidly built unit, and the built-in speakers sounded okay, but we wish they had either scrapped them entirely, or settled on a more sophisticated pair. Oh well. That said, there is a line out jack allowing you to connect and interface with external speakers of your choice. At the end of the day, this is a cool little unit, but Phoenix has a bit of work to do before they can step to the likes of Tivoli and others. Another shot after the break!