Could a Blue Zune be the answer to Microsoft’s DAP woes? No, but reason hasn’t stopped a manufacturer from releasing a product in multiple colors before, has it? We’re not sure if this is anything more than a weird typo on Target’s part, but it seems the retailer is set to offer a blue version of Microsoft’s ailing MP3/Video player sometime very soon. The ad is dated September 9th – 15th, so there’s a good possibility that the players are actually already on store shelves. Truth be told, we haven’t had the time to venture down to our local Target to take a peek. Well, more like we just don’t care to. Either way, we’re pretty sure this won’t do much to improve Zune sales, especially considering the recent crop of new iPod devices. It doesn’t hurt to try though, we suppose. The Blune and Pune should be going for $199.99, which isn’t bad for a 30 GB brick DAP…..if you’re into that sort of thing. Freaks.