Well, well. It seems that AT&T has some mobile music download tricks up their sleeves. Beginning July 31st, AT&T customers with select handsets will be able to download tracks directly from eMusic.com. EMusic is one of the few online music retailers to offer completely DRM-free files, making the transition to mobile downloading that much easier. The service will be offered for $7.49/month which includes 5 song downloads of your choice. Supported handsets will be the Samsung A707, A717, A727,  and the Nokia N75. Keep in mind that data charges will also be incurred, so trying to use this service with anything other than an unlimited plan could mean costly overages. It’s certainly not the best service out there, and it ain’t cheap, but the lack of DRM means that you should be able to transfer purchased tracks to your desktop with nary a hitch. Good looking, AT&T. Other guys, please take note.

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