Remember that class action law suit against AT&T/Cingular that we told you about a while back? We’ve stumbled on an update that should be music to many of your ears. The company recently lost the battle to keep the dispute in private arbitration, which is a huge victory for the thousands of consumers who claim to have been jilted by the company’s shady billing practices, poor service, and coercive tactics associated with the change from the old AT&T blue plans to the newer (but now, once again, outdated) Cingular orange plans. As many of you know AT&T, like most other wireless carriers, has a litigation clause in their contracts stipulating that any disputes between customers and provider must be settled in a private venue of the carrier’s choosing. This ruling is like to have wide-reaching implications concerning the legality of such a clause. Score one for the consumer here!

[Via BlackBerry Cool]