A recent survey identified Verizon as the most download friendly carrier, with respondents expressing the most faith and satisfaction in the company’s mobile download services. The survey asked respondents to rank their experiences in four main categories: Ease of Task Completion, Process Logic, Time Taken and Ease of Task Duplication. The Big V garnered a score of 91/100, with downloads coming 3 clicks faster than comparable options on AT&T handhelds. Not surprisingly AT&T came in last in the survey results, with users expressing the most frustration and confusion with the carriers download offerings. This might be the last and only time you’ll hear us praise Verizon’s unified (and highly crippled) OS, but it seems that standardization has its benefits, at least in this arena. Best step your game up, AT&T. The mobile download market is bigger than Elvis these days, but you didn’t need us to tell you that, did you?