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Sprint announces new 3G/4G broadband data plans

Sprint on Monday announced two new less expensive mobile broadband data plans that will replace the carrier’s existing plans. The changes apply to tablets, mobile hotspot devices, netbooks, notebooks and USB modems. Customers >>

Sprint limits more unlimited plans, smartphone data still safe

Sprint confirmed last month that beginning October 2nd, unlimited mobile hotspot plans would become limited mobile hotspot plans, affording users of the optional smartphone add-on 5GB of tethering data per month. Now, Sprint >>

Alltel launches $40 wireless broadband plan

Alltel has reportedly launched a new $40 wireless broadband add-on option, a $20 drop from the regular $60 per month price tag. Customers must subscribe to a Smart Choice voice plan to be >>

Dell announces a subsidized Inspiron Mini 9 for $99

Following in the footsteps of Acer and its $99 Radioshack Aspire One, Dell announced on Friday that it will be selling its Inspiron Mini 9 netbook with integrated mobile broadband for a mere >>