Windows Phone Store Launch

Continuing its rebranding quest, Microsoft (MSFT) announced on its Windows Blog that Windows Phone’s Marketplace will be renamed “Windows Phone Store” to match the upcoming Windows 8 app store, aptly called Windows Store. The change isn’t only in name, though. Along with the rebrand, Microsoft will be rolling out new updates that’ll make the Windows Phone Store easier to find apps thanks to improved search options and smarter app lists (there are now lists for “Top Free” and “Top Paid”) that now filter out racier content. They’re little tweaks, but they should make Microsoft’s mobile app store a more enjoyable experience and put it right up front with Android’s Google (GOOG) Play Store and Apple’s (AAPL) App Store. The new changes will start to roll out in the coming weeks, starting in Australia and New Zealand before they make their way to major regions.