It looks like there’s a new player coming soon to the Android game. Hop-on announced today that it will unveil its first Android-powered device at the upcoming CES 2009 conference this January in Las Vegas. What’s more, the handset will be sold for less than $200. Considering Hop-on is most widely known for its low-end disposable mobile phones, we doubt highly this will be the step up from the HTC G1 many are waiting for. At around $200 however, we also wouldn’t expect it to be disposable. Hop-on blurb time:

Hop-on is committed in bringing the latest technology to the market, the Android open platform makes Hop-on competitive in the high end mobile phone market. This will create market value for our shareholders.

Another interesting consideration is the fact that Hop-on is currently working on a variety of mobile gambling and SMS wagering solutions. Might we see the first Android-powered smartphone casino courtesy of Hop-on? It looks like we’ll have to wait at least until January to find out but even if Hop-on has something sneaky up its sleeve, it’s highly doubtful that we would ever see it here in the US.

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