Halo 3 rakes in $170 million in first day of sales

What’s bigger than Spiderman 3? Halo 3, that’s what. The video game just stole the title of “highest grossing U.S. entertainment launch day” from Toby McGuire and Co., pulling in $170 million to Spiderman 3’s paltry $151 million. Take that, Spidey. Microsoft enjoyed a record breaking day, which should be great news for considering just how much was riding on this release. Halo has long been Microsoft’s flagship Xbox franchise, and a botched installment would have been akin to a death blow for the embattled corporation. Whether or not the sales will continue to climb at such a rapid rate remains to be seen, but the boys in Redmond shouldn’t worry too much, at least in regards to their gaming division as they’re poised to finally turn a profit thanks to Halo 3…


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