Image Courtesy: Crunch Gear

Another day, another bit of iPhone "software." Today we’ve got Meebo’s customized iPhone chat client for you. It’s a pretty great "app", incorporating chat support for AIM, MSN, Google Talk, and Yahoo. It orders your buddy list according to your most recent conversations, and scales nicely in both landscape and portrait mode. Pretty nice. It seems stable and incorporates all of the features one expects in a mobile chat client, executed with Meebo’s trademark slickness. All told, we’re excited about it. No special monkey codes, just point your Mobile Safari browser over to, and you’re in. That said, we’d still love to see an actual chat client from Apple. The limitations of a browser based chat experience are at best annoying and at worst prohibitive. Come on, Apple….iChat, iChat, iChat. Say it with us now.

UPDATE: BG here, and while Meebo looks like nice and is pretty quick, an issue we found right off the bat was that it doesn’t reconnect automatically. Basically when your device locks, you’ll get disconnected and signed off. I’m sticking to JiveTalk…