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AT&T is seriously thirsty for Trump’s tax cuts

Trump’s tax plan, we’re told, is going to cause a boom in jobs like we’ve never seen. With the money corporations will save from having their tax bill cut virtually in half, they’ll >>

How Trump’s tax plan would make Apple even richer

Apple, a company with a cash stockpile bigger than a medium-sized country’s GDP, stands to benefit massively from Trump’s tax plan. According to analysis from Citi seen by Business Insider, Trump’s proposed changes to >>

Lawmaker launches assault on violent video games

An Oklahoma lawmaker has proposed levying a new tax on violent video games. Oklahoma Democrat Will Fourkiller has suggested the tax be applied to all games that receive an ESRB rating, which is intended for adults >>

Nokia owes Romania $10 million; tax authorities seize assets

Nokia’s local assets were seized by Romanian tax authorities on Friday after it was revealed the company’s Romania-based subsidiary owes the government $10 million, Bloomberg said Friday. “We decided to seize the assets as a >>