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Nokia Booklet netbooks start infiltrating your local Best Buy

Who wants to buy a $2,000 netbook? Well, if you'd like to walk away with one for $299.99 and a $60/mo AT&T data plan for 2 years, you can. Otherwise the smarter move would be to purchase it at retail price of around $599.99 and get a data plan from AT&T without a two-year commitment. But regardless of the method of purchase, if you want a Nokia Booklet, Best Buy has got 'em. Will they sell you one before November 15th? Probably not, but it wouldn't hurt to try. One more shot after the break. >>

Android-powered Nokia netbook to hit carriers next year

While less-than-popular crossover devices like the Internet Tablet line and the E90 pictured above might not be overly pleased by the news, Android fans may be excited to learn that Nokia is reportedly >>