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Chromebook News, page 2

Asus C302 review: A $500 MacBook for everyone

What makes the perfect “everyday” computer? You probably have a different definition of the ideal day-to-day laptop than me, but I’m willing to be there’s some crossover: minimal weight, enough battery life to last >>

Why your next laptop should be a Chromebook

You’re probably distantly familiar with Chromebooks, the Google-powered laptops that run a souped-up version of the Chrome browser and cost the same amount as artisanal brunch for two in Brooklyn. But if you >>

This is our favorite Chromebook

Talk about a major market disruption that’s actually worthy of the term “disruption.” You see that word everywhere these days, but it’s rarely used to describe something that’s actually disruptive. But in the >>

It’s official: Microsoft has a reason to fear Chromebooks

We were surprised last year when Microsoft started launching an anti-Chromebook ad campaign because, quite frankly, we’d never see anyone really use a Chromebook in the wild before and Chromebooks were nowhere to >>