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This bionic eye could restore vision and possibly manipulate our reality

Published May 1st, 2023 10:32PM EDT
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The Science Eye is an intriguing piece of technology. Developed by Science Corp., the bionic eye seeks to restore vision in patients suffering from a variety of vision-based diseases. But, it also could go one step further by allowing the wearer to manipulate reality, too.

A paper detailing the new bionic eye is featured in bioRxiv, a pre-publish repository. A report on the technology is also available on Cnet’s website. According to Cnet’s report, the bionic eye is a small device that will fit on top of and into human eyes, to help restore lost vision.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the idea of a bionic eye, either. And we’ve already seen some bionic eyes being tested in humans. But the Science Eye is different because the company behind it seems to want to push manipulation of reality into the package, too.

code on screen, manipulating code similar to how bionic eyes might manipulate realityImage source: knowhowfootage/Adobe

At least, that’s the idea presented thanks to several posters noted to appear around the Science Corp. labs, where Cnet reporters were able to learn more about the company’s bionic eye. Exactly how it might manipulate reality is unclear, or even if that’s the company’s goal.

But, the possibility of being able to not only restore vision with the Science Eye, but also change the world that people are seeing is intriguing. Could it perhaps act as a way to help people who have color blindness see the world with all of the colors? Or does Science Corp. have some other idea for how they want to manipulate reality with this technology.

While the answers aren’t clear, the actual use of these bionic eyes like the Science Eye are a long way off from reality. While the company has seen success with its technology, the process is still risky, so we will simply have to wait and see where things go from here.

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