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Watch the first promos for the upcoming X-Files revival right here

X-Files 2016 Promo Video

Back in the ’90s before HBO turned the TV world on its head with killer original shows like The Sopranos, the Fox network was often the go-to place where you could find outside-the-box shows that weren’t focus grouped to death like many of those that ran on NBC, ABC or CBS. One of Fox’s best finds from that era was The X-Files, a supernatural drama that was a critical and commercial hit for several years before eventually sputtering out in its last couple of seasons. Fox is going to revive the show as a six-episode miniseries early next year and the network has now put out its first promos for the new series, much to the excitement of sci-fi fans everywhere.

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What tidbits can we take away from these two promos? Both Mulder and Scully will be back, obviously, as will the enigmatic Cigarette Smoking Man who served as a main antagonist for the original series. Walter Skinner, Mulder’s former boss and occasional adversary at the FBI, also makes an appearance.

As for what the plot consists of, we see explosions, mysterious military operations in the middle of a desert and both Mulder and Scully walking through dark corridors holding flashlights. In other words, it sounds like nothing has changed and neither agent has learned yet how to look for a light switch.

Check out both promos below.

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