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Nest now has 15 more ways to rule your home

January 5th, 2015 at 8:10 AM
Works With Nest Appliances

Once Nest first announced its Works With Nest third-party developer program last year, we knew it was only a matter of time before the smart thermostat brought on a bunch of different household appliances that could be managed using Nest as a central hub. And just in time for CES, Nest has now announced 15 new partners have joined its Works With Nest program.

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Via Nest’s blog, here are just some of the new partners it’s signed up along with descriptions of what Next will let you do with each appliance:

• August Smart Lock – August Smart Lock can set your Nest Thermostat to Home when you unlock your door and immediately start warming or cooling the house. Lock your door on the way out and it will set your Nest Thermostat to Away to help you save energy.

• Chargepoint – If you’re signed up for Nest Rush Hour Rewards, your thermostat can let your charging station know when energy is in high demand so you can avoid charging your car when electricity is most expensive.

• Kwikset Kevo – Kevo Smart Lock tells your Nest Thermostat who’s home and what temperatures they like. It also helps Nest know when no one’s home so your thermostat doesn’t waste energy.

• Ooma – Ooma VOIP home phone service works with Nest to learn when you come and go. So if something unexpected happens – like your kid doesn’t come home from school on time – it can send an alert to your phone.

• Philips Hue – When Nest Protect senses something’s wrong, your Hue lights can flash on and off to get your attention.

• Whirlpool – Your Nest Thermostat can let your washer and dryer know when you’re home and they will automatically switch to quiet mode.

• Withings – Go to sleep and your Withings Sleep System will set your Nest Thermostat to a comfortable nighttime temperature. Wake up and it will tell Nest you’re ready to start the day.


Previously announced partners include LIFX, whose lightbulbs will be able to pulse red during an emergency if Nest’s smoke detector detects that there’s a fire; Whirlpool dishwashers that will delay starting cycles if Nest detects that there’s currently high demand for electricity; and Mercedes-Benz, whose cars can communicate with Nest to let it know at what time you’ll be home so it can get the indoor temperature just right for you.

To get a full list of Nest’s partners, check out the company’s official Works With Nest page.

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