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Verizon to launch “Mobile Web Games and Application Store”

Updated 4 years ago

According to an internal correspondence, Verizon Wireless may be launching a new wireless application store sooner than we thought — tomorrow in fact. The store, branded as “Mobile Web Games and Application Store”, is positioned to be an extension of the current Media center/Get It Now application catalog and will be accessible to Mobile Web capable, Get it Now phones. Improvements include a graphic-based browsing environment and keyword-based search of the application catalog. We have heard rumblings of Verizon looking to develop an application and games store, especially one that targets the gaming and multimedia features of the LG Versa, but no launch date has been mentioned until now. With the Versa’s new gaming module rumored to be launching on April 1st, a gaming store launch just prior would make perfect sense so let’s hope this one pans out. Hit the jump for the full internal note.

Thanks, VZW Ninja!

New Mobile Web Games and Application Store!
Updated: 3/18/2009 10:45:21 AM(ET)


Beginning March 20, Verizon Wireless will offer an enhancement to Media Center/Get It Now applications known as the Mobile Web Games and Application Store.

This store will allow customers to download games or applications from Mobile Web (WAP/HTML) capable Media Center/Get It Now phones.

The Mobile Web Games and Apps Store offers the following:

  • Another avenue to order Media Center/Get It Now games and applications
  • A richer and more compelling graphic-based browse environment than the standard text-based display of a catalog on the phone
  • An easier and a faster content and application discovery environment through a keyword-based search
  • See the InfoManager content for details about pricing, customer requirements and other information

Support procedures are business as usual.

More information can be found in the QRG, which is located at the following pathing: InfoManager > Training > Learner Library-QRGs > M > Mobile Web Games and Applications Store. See link to the right.