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Verizon offering $100 off all DROID smartphones via online store

Updated 4 years ago

It looks like Big Red is doing a little wheeling and dealing with its entire DROID smartphone lineup. Via the company’s web store, Verizon Wireless is offering online-purchasers of any DROID-branded smartphone an additional $100 off the subsidized, two-year contract price. With the new, temporary pricing schema in place, the DROID X (CPO), DROID R2D2, and DROID Incredible (CPO) will retail for the always enjoyable sum of $0. If those three handsets aren’t to your liking, the DROID 2 Global can be acquired for $99.99, the DROID PRO will set you back $79.99, and the DROID X (non-CPO) will retail for $49.99. Of course, the DROID BIONIC (not to mention the HTC ThunderBolt) is right around the corner. But if you don’t have that burning desire for the absolute latest and greatest, why not save yourself some cash?