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Verizon DROID X dropping July 2nd?

Ah, yes. The creepy nerd-centric DROID X commercial Verizon users have come to know and love. Well, maybe not love, but it is memorable. BriefMobile is reporting that if you slow down the teaser-video towards the end, it appears as though the 07.2010 actually turns into 07.2.2010. Now, this could just be some video artifact from the flickering, morphing transition on that particular clip…but conspiracy theories are way more fun. One thing is certain: Verizon is holding a media event this Wednesday in NYC, and the DROID X is most certainly going to be there. To us, a June 23rd unveiling (one day before the iPhone 4 goes live) and a July 2nd release doesn’t seem out of the question. What do you think?


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