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Verizon BlackBerry Storm Los Angeles Launch Party

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:07PM EST

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4:09PM: You know the drill — we’re all up in this mothersucker! Not much to update y’all on yet, we’re currently standing in a surprisingly long line even though the event doesn’t kick off until 7:30PM PST. Anyone that’s at the event, er, waiting in line, hit us up! We’ll continue to update this post though out the evening.

4:28PM: Alright, we’re still standing in line, and much to our surprise, we haven’t seen one single BlackBerry user. Quite a few iPhones, some Blackjacks, couple Verizon LG phones, but absolutely no BlackBerrys. In fact, most of the people in line are just waiting to see a free Foo Fighters show. Suckaz.

4:41PM: After further examination, we’re now seeing a bunch of BlackBerry Curves. What’s hilarious is that the iPhone users are cradling the devices in their hands, to almost conceal them from the generation public. Sort of like they’re violating the code of ethics of attending a BlackBerry launch party. There’s also 4 people in line checking out BGR from their phones… Nice!

5:09PM: Now Verizon reps are coming down the line to make sure everyone has the proper text alerts for entry. Names will be checked on the list later, and if you’re on it, the lucky guys and gals will receive badges.

5:33PM: Got our badge! The Verizon chick didn’t want us to take a picture of it out of fear that “people would print them out and try and get into the event.” Riiiight. Let’s put it like this… anyone that can take that 440px wide photo above, print it out, and actually scam their way into the event deserves to make it in.

6:14PM: A lovely Verizon representative said, “Once you see the Storm’s screen and video playback, you will shit your pants.” She said we could quote her.

6:44PM: We were just told that only roughly 500 badges have been given out so far. Any BGR readers out there that are thinking of coming down and have the official information to enter can still come through and most likely get in!

6:57PM: The line is now down to Hollywood Blvd and wrapping around as we can see. We just sent a runner down to go check it out.

7:19PM: Our runner is back (now do you see how long the line is?) and the line wraps all the way around the block as far as the eye can see. There’s also absolutely no parking anywhere close by. Have fun.

7:31PM: We’ve got a hands on! First impressions are that the touch screen isn’t that great. The technology is cool, and the localized haptic feedback is impressive, but… it kind of seems like a pain to use?

7:34PM: The screen is absolutely gorgeous. We’d even say possibly better than the Bold! Now, the device is not running a final software build, but there’s a lot of missed touch inputs and the touch sensitivity is really terrible. There’s also a ton of lag when touching the screen. We’re going to try and mess with the touch settings in Options.

7:37PM: Sooooo many people waiting to get a hands on. There’s only 4 demo devices total here.

7:40PM: The place is packed! Pretty good execution with the event so far. Good job, VZW!

7:45PM: Our main man right here checking out the Storm just echoed our first early impressions: the screen is beautiful but he’s really not feeling the whole “Touch-Click” thing. He’s complaining about the touch screen missing events and being laggy.

7:50PM: Here’s a live shot of the device with the Verizon-branded home screen. And yes, we’re totally hoggin’ the crap out of the device and our VZW peeps are super cool with it! The reps have stated the phone is “coming before the Holidays.”

7:52PM: These are honestly the coolest reps we’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Though, when we asked the resolution of the Storm (you know, as a test) they replied, “the resolution and stuff is like what a BlackBerry does.” Someone get Jeff Foxworthy on the phone! Sorry, but you’re not smarter than a Fifth grader!

7:54PM: And, our last update before we start getting our drank on!

7:55PM: Here’s a shot of the crowd getting ready for the performances to start. Everyone in line to play with the Storm has promptly headed towards the stage.

7:59PM: For all you sick freaks that want to see a BlackBerry Storm with its pants down…

8:01PM: Me with one of the Verizon honeys. Chick-a-chick-a-ficka-yeeeeah!

8:03PM: We’ve got a side shot here of the BlackBerry Storm, and we do have to say, it feels good when you hold it. Though, it does feel a tad bit cheap, we’re sure we could get over that if the darn touch screen wasn’t so laggy. BG just told me this is what he experienced when he used the device a while ago, so we’re really hoping the final software build will rectify this problem.

8:08PM: Backside of the Storm. The metal back cover is a really nice touch — feels great. If only Verizon had about 100 Purell bottles handy we wouldn’t feel so skeeved out about this thing.

8:12PM: Show is finally about to start! The crowd went wild when the announcer started talking about BlackBerry. Queens of the stone age is up first!

8:14PM: Last ambiance shot before the show starts and all hell breaks loose.

8:19PM: Queens of the stone age is rockin’ the house big time!

8:31PM: Another shot of QOTSA performing.

8:36PM: Foo Fighters coming on a half-hour! Ugh! Hittin’ up the bar for more BlackBerry-themed drinkz.

8:40PM: Nope! Foo Fighters delayed until 10PM now. Oh well.

8:55PM: Foo Fighters finally on stage! They are rockin’ pretty hard and the crows is loving them.

9:10PM: One more shot of Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters performing.

9:21PM: And that’s all she wrote, folks! Foo Fighters just finished their set and this shindig is officially over. Thanks so much for tuning into our coverage!